“An Evening With Sevendust” (Philadelphia PA – Electric Factory)

An Evening With SEVENDUST (Lajon Witherspoon)An Evening with Sevendust” made its stop to The Electric Factory in Philadelphia, PA on May 10th 2014, despite the rain & windy weather outside fans still made their way to The Electric Factory early in anticipation to grab a up front spot in line to make sure to secure a spot right on the barricade for this very intimate acoustic show. Its hard to know what to expect from acoustic shows especially from a band thats known for their metal/rock shows with a high energy stage presence. It must be really hard to contain themselves & do a more personal & intimate acoustic show and just chat with their supporters/family/friends as the band doesnt like to call the audience “their fans” in between each song. The concept of the show was great within itself, Just as the tour is called you literally got to spend “An Evening With Sevendust” no bands opening, just Sevendust performing acousticly with chats in between sets. The show began when the band entered the stage with a spotlight lighting each member of Sevendust & the music to their song “Trust” playing. The show started off with very high emotions flowing bringing Lajon to tears during their second song on the setlist “Prayer”. They started the night off with songs bringing us all the way back to the beginning of Sevendust & continuing into the more recent “Time Travelers & Bonfires” Songs. No matter the song the band was playing the crowd showed their support singing their hearts out to every single lyric flowing out of Lajon. The show overall is an experience within itself so full of Passion, Intimacy, & so many different emotions flowing through the band & the crowd. A very Raw not too fancy stage set up, just set up with a few candles burning upon the speakers on stage while the band sat on their stools at their mic stand playing their acoustic guitar or singing, its definatley a show you need to go out & see for youself. I wouldnt just call it a concert but an experience within itself, a must see. Setlist (listed below)

1st Set




Xmas Day

Under It All

Skeleton Song

The Wait



Rumble Fish


2nd Set

Come Down

Hurt (Nine Inch Nails cover)



Got a Feeling

Angel’s Son


We also got to catch up with Morgan Rose (Drummer of Sevendust) before the show to get some information on their latest album & whats in store for the future of Sevendust Check it out: http://youtu.be/NS5vVJ9MIgs

Photos By: Andrew Wendowski Photography

*can be viewed in our live photos section or in the link below.

( http://www.awendowskiphoto.com/p834374531 ) 

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