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Benson Boone; Photo Courtesy of Warner

‘American Idol’ Alum Benson Boone Signs Record Deal, Announces Debut Single “Ghost Town”

After suddenly forfeiting his spot on Season 19 of American Idol, TikTok sensation Benson Boone teased his debut single, “Ghost Town,” which quickly went viral. Now, just a few days ago, the rising star has signed a record deal with Night Street Records/Warner Records and revealed the release date for his highly-anticipated debut single.

Earlier this year fans expected to see the singer in Hollywood, following his impressive Idol audition, but for an unknown reason at the time, he was never seen on the stage. Instead, Boone ended up skipping to the part that all the other contestants were hoping to reach by the end of the show. Earlier this week on Instagram, Night Street Records, founded by Imagine Dragons’ frontman Dan Reynolds, announced that Boone had joined their roster.

Boone responded in his own Instagram post saying, “I have absolutely LOVED the last couple of months of my life,” he began. “I’ve been finding out who I want to be as an artist. And I am beyond proud to announce that I have signed a record deal with @Warnerrecords and @danreynolds from @imaginedragons as well as a publishing deal with @warnerchappellmusic and @saintsoundspublishing. This is just the beginning of my career, and with my first song coming out next week, you’re going to be able to understand my music and I couldn’t be happier. I love all of you so much, and I’m so grateful to be able to be doing what I love.”

He then took to another popular social media platform for up-and-coming artists, TikTok, to share a little bit more about his debut single, “Ghost Town.” This song, along with several other musical snippets he has posted, went viral earlier this year on the platform, earning him over one million followers and over 60 million total likes.

“I wrote this song about my best friend being in a super toxic relationship,” the singer shared in a recent video, directed towards his friend’s current girlfriend. “And it’s really hard for me to watch because he’s hurting so bad, but he won’t do anything about it. So, I’m kinda gonna do something about it. So Megan, if you’re seeing this, you are really hurting my best friend. Please get this on her for you page.”

“I’m left here alone and afraid to say / Maybe you’d be happier with someone else (respectfully) / Maybe you’d be happier with someone else / Maybe loving me is the reason you can’t love yourself / Before I turn your heart into a ghost town,” he sang in the teaser of his song.

In another previous post on Instagram and TikTok, Boone revealed a few other artistic talents he has, drawing and photography. On top of all the work he has been doing to write and record his music, in addition to being a content creator, he announced that he has also decided to use his skills to design his own artwork for the cover of his latest single.

“I want to show you guys how I chose my artwork for this song,” he began in the video as he sat on his floor. “When releasing a song, picking the right artwork can be harder than you’d think. I started off by trying to take some cool pictures myself, but nothing felt right or artistic enough. I decided I wanted to try drawing a picture of something, so I started sketching ideas. Still nothing was feeling right, until I saw a picture I LOVED.”

“I got in the car right away,” he continued. “Bought black paper and white charcoal and just started going at it. I’ve never used charcoal before, so it was hard at first, but I started to get the hang of it. I went all day and didn’t stop until it was finished.”



♬ original sound – Benson

The almost finished product, that will soon accompany the single, is truly a spectacular piece of work.

Boone’s debut single, “Ghost Town” will be released on Oct. 15 and is available for pre-save/preorder now HERE.



♬ Ghost Town – Benson Boone

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