Alice In Chains & Breaking Benjamin Conquers, LetLive. delivers high energy set, Motionless In White Destroys, & The Word Alive Launch Day 1 of ROCK ALLEGIANCE

The 2nd Annual Monster Energy ROCK ALLEGIANCE Festival presented by Danny Wimmer and Live Nation Philadelphia took place this past weekend (September 17th & 18th) at Talen Energy Stadium (previously called PPL Park). The festival was such an incredible success last year that this years festival was upgraded to a two day festival with a lineup everyone wanted to see featuring headliner Alice In Chains, Breaking Benjamin, Slayer & Avenged Sevenfold. Along with a great lineup of music was an incredible variety of Gourmet Man Food, and some vendors as well as some great designs in the merchandise booths.
Day 1 of Rock Allegiance launched with Fearless Records band, The Word Alive. Launching into their explosive set with “Made This Way” from their latest album, Dark Matter. Due to time constraints The Word Alive was only able to play six songs at the festival but they made the six song performance one for fans to remember as it left us mind blown. As they played “Sellout” the crowd ignited a massive circle pit to one of the many mosh pits of the day. Also, performing fan favorites like “Life Cycles,” “Trapped,” and “Face to Face.” Frontman Telle Smith telling the crowd to kneel as they performed “Entirety” then launching up into a jumping frenzy. The Word Alive rocked Talen Energy Stadium and jumpstarted the fans energy.
Young Guns then playing a very vibrant set with a pop-rock vibe to their set. Starting off their set with “Mad World” off their latest album, Echoes. Young Guns frontman Gustav Wood is a very fun interactive vocalist who loves crowd interaction. The crowd was loving their set throughout all of their songs. They even played their huge hit that all the fans love and even grasps the attention of new fans, that even end up singing along to the song “I Want Out.” Taking the stage next was Skindred. As Skindred frontman Benji Webbe entered the stage in style with a flag dressing the microphone stand, and studded sunglasses shading his eyes to “Under Attack” off their sixth studio album, Volume. Their intense energy filling the stage and feeding from the crowds adrenaline rush making for a very entertaining set full of Ragga Punk Metal music. Sick Puppies commanding the crowds attention next on the River Stage as they hit the stage with “War” off their third full length studio album, Tri-Polar before going into more of their new material off their latest album, Fury with songs like “Stick To Your Guns,” “Where Do I Begin,” and “Black And Blue.” They even covered a Rage Against The Machine Song titled, “Guerilla Radio;” Then ending out their rockin’ set with “You’re Going Down.” Sick Puppies bassist Emma Anzai is very entertaining to watch perform as she headbangs, and outplays many of the guys playing bass today. Taking over the River Stage next was Avatar, one of the funniest bands to watch of the weekend as they take the stage in circus-ish clothes, with their light up grate that presented light up letters (AVATAR) illuminating the stage behind the band. Frontman Johannes Eckerström is very fun and entertaining to watch with his steel skull carved microphone stand, and swinging his baton as he headbangs, and makes creepy faces to the crowd.
Standup Comedian Jim Breuer mixing his comedy with rock music which was a pleasant blend and addition to the festival. Jim Breuer had the crowd laughing and rockin’ out at the same time which usually isn’t the case as most rock music is heavy or not happy music. Jim Breuer playing some rather interesting rock music with attention grabbing titles like “Old School,” “Wannabe,” “It’s 4A.M. and I’m All Banged Up,” “Raising Teenage Girls,” “Be a Dick 2Nite,” and “Thrash.” His set kept the crowd entertained for the next rockin’ set for Trivium. Trivium taking control of the bridge stage next with a huge crowd launching their set with “Strife” off their Six Studio Album released back in 2013 called Vegeance Falls. Trivium didn’t waste time before going into a fan favorite titled “Until The World Goes Cold” off their 2015 release of Silence in The Snow. Trivium’s set was extraordinary and full of talent throughout the entire band, each of them having a moment to shine during each and every song. Next up was one of the best and most energy filled set which was LetLive. / Letlive. frontman Jason Butler has so much energy and it all unleashes during their live shows, climbing things, wrapping the mic cord around his neck, destroying a trashcan, taping himself up, and more. LetLive. always throws a huge party full of music and sometimes destruction during their set, You never know what Jason will do at the next show you see them at. LetLive. fans are very dedicated and were presented in the crowd singing along and headbanging with their horns up. Recent signees to Roadrunner Records, Motionless In White haunting the stage next. Taking to the stage with “Death March” off their album 2014 release of Reincarnate. Motionless In White is a band you need to see live as they always put on one incredible live show and their stage presence is next level amazing. Ghost always dressing up in a costume which is his signature thing to do, this show dressing as the exorcist with a bible and rosary hanging from his mic stand. Frontman Chris Motionless knows how to work a crowd and get them all moving and singing along. Although they had a massive crowd there for their set and everyone was singing along, they definitley gained some new fans at this show as well. They even included their new single “570” in their set which the fans loved.
Buckcherry taking to the Liberty Stage next before headliner Chevy Metal took to the Liberty Stage. They had a pretty large crowd and performed the hit, “Lit Up,” from their self-titled album and other songs “Broken Glass,” “Brooklyn,’ ‘Sunshine,” “Out of Line,” and of course their huge hit, “Crazy Bitch.” The Cult demanding the attention of the fans on the River Stage getting the fans warmed up for Breaking Benjamin in a little bit. Chevy Metal is a wedding style cover band which features Taylor Hawkins from the Foo Fighters. They put on a great set of music and the attraction to their set was cause everyone wanted to see Taylor Hawkins and his incredible talent behind the drumkit. Their setlist included “Looks That Kill,” and “Live Wire” by Motley Crue, then “Jailbreak” by Thin Lizzy, “Stay With Me” by Faces, “The Wizard” by Black Sabbath, “Bitch” by The Rolling Stones, both “All You Young Dudes” and “Ziggy Stardust” by David Bowie, “Mountain Song” by Jane’s Addiction, “You Really Got Me” by The Kinks, and ending their set with “Let There be Rock” by AC/DC. Breaking Benjamin then conquered the River Stage with their new album Dark Before Dawn covering the background of the stage as Benjamin Burnley and the revamped lineup of Breaking Benjamin took complete control of the entire crowd, mesmerizing them with one of the best sets of the day. Breaking Benjamin’s set included new material from Dark Before Dawn including “Ashes Of Eden,” “Failure,” and “Angels Fall” but was heavier with their classic hits like “Diary Of Jane,” “Breath,” “So Cold,” and “I Will Not Bow.” Breaking Benjamin never fails to put on an exceptional show, they only get better each time we see them. Alice In Chains ending out day 1 of Rock Allegiance with their hits like “Man In A Box,” “Them Bones,” and ending their set with The Cult Guitarist joining them for “Rooster.” That concluded day 1 of Rock Allegiance and has the fans awaiting day 2. Other bands including The Offspring, Baroness, Max & Iggor Cavalera Return To Roots, Dinosaur Pile-Up and Apocalypse Blues Revue also played day 1.

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