Eminem 'Music To Be Murdered By'

Alfred Hitchcock Would Be Proud, Eminem’s Surprise Album ‘Music To Be Murdered By’ Is A Bloody Gem

Nothing is better than a middle of the night (or very early in the morning for some) notification that Eminem has dropped yet another surprise album, this time with Music To Be Murdered By, the follow-up to his 2018 album, Kamikaze, which was also a surprise release.

Of course, we had to delve in and listen right away; Eminem exploded into the record spitting fire with the opening track “Premonition,” which comments right away on the way critics and the industry are so quick to turn their backs on artists and make unfair comparisons to their previous work, rather than celebrating their longevity, which, at least in our opinion should be celebrated. Especially with an artist like Eminem, who continues to top the charts with each of his releases.

Artists will continue to grow and mature over time and Eminem is no different, from a creativity standpoint, it is completely understandable why from an artist’s perspective they should want each and every album to be a bit different and be able to stand on its own.

With Music To Be Murdered By Eminem once again proves his brilliance as a lyricist. This album features some of his most thought-provoking material yet, and never once does he lose his biting edge. Songs such as “The Darkness” and “Leaving Heaven” feat. Skylar Grey are haunting, as “The Darkness” references the horrific mass shooting that took place at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas and ends with a message urging people to register to vote and songs such as “Into Deep” and “Those Kinda Nights” feat. Ed Sheeran, as well as “Marsh” take a look at some relationship obstacles in a rather unique way.

A favorite track thus far is “Godzilla” which features the late rapper Juice WRLD and we can certainly see this one well on its way to becoming another one of Eminem’s hit singles. Another stand-out is the introspective “Little Engine” and earlier track on the album “Unaccomodating” feat. Young M.A which references Eminem’s feud with rapper Machine Gun Kelly.

The beats on “Farewell” are absolutely on fire and nobody can beat Eminem when it comes to flow, this is also showcased impressively with the album closer “Farewell”.  The Alfred Hitchock theme runs heavy throughout the album, as Hitchcock himself is sampled and the album title is a homage to Hitchcock’s album by the same name. Once again Eminem is slaughtering everyone with this album, but would we ever expect anything less?  Let’s just say Hitchcock would be proud of this bloody gem!

Love it or hate it? Let us know your thoughts on Eminem’s new album “Music To Be Murdered By”!

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