Adrian Fitipaldes leaves Northlane

Adrian Fitipaldes, leaves Northlane as he “found the wear and tear of Northlane and our schedule to be too stressful towards his health, both physically and mentally.” & could no longer deal with the stress. Northlane is now actively searching for a new vocalist and are taking applications to join the band as their new frontman.

Northlane is looking for: “We are looking for a vocalist who is willing to dedicate themselves to our band, and to put in the same amount of work we have all put in, to dedicate their lives towards their craft and this band. We are looking for someone to be part of Northlane, who has the talent and work ethic to front our band. We are able to work with a vocalist from anywhere in the world. We are looking for someone with a unique range in their voice that can handle both our back catalogue and our plans for the future, which may include pushing their voice beyond what has been done within our band before.”

How to submit your application to be their new frontman below…..

“To submit for the audition process, you are required to lay down vocals over either “Quantum Flux” or “Dream Awake” taken from the instrumental deluxe edition of our last record “Singularity”. We would like if you included a video of yourself performing your vocals as well, just so we can reference you doing it. Please note that we aren’t looking for a carbon copy of what we have already done, we are looking for someone to show their creativity within the songs, so do what shows your voice off as best as possible. With the above included please email [email protected] and remember to include your name, age and location as well as links to any other previous works that you’d like to show us.”

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