A Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy, the XL tour rocks Camden, NJ!

On July 18th 2014, The XL Tour made its stop into Camden, NJ at The Susquehanna Bank Center featuring 2 legacies Lynyrd Skynyrd & Bad Company with some special guests. Starting off the four performance line up of the evening…


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Posted on July 19, 2014

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On July 18th 2014, The XL Tour made its stop into Camden, NJ at The Susquehanna Bank Center featuring 2 legacies Lynyrd Skynyrd & Bad Company with some special guests. Starting off the four performance line up of the evening was Steve Rodgers, yes, the son of Paul Rodgers, & he did inherit his father’s amazing vocal talent but has a style all of his own. A one man performance & immediately shown love from the audience, Steve has a passionate singer/songwriter vibe among with a really quite impressive vocal range. Already known internationally, His blend of blues & rock sound with a clever yet gracious style had a set list of 4 songs tonight in Camden, NJ. The setlist included: “Freedom”, “The River”, “So High” & “Sunshine” ending his set with a roaring applause from the audience.  

Steve Rodgers Setlist

  • Freedom
  • The River
  • So High
  • Sunshine (Encore Song)

The Dead Daisies up next to put on a rock and roll show for you alright, made up of some already seasoned musicians that know their way around the big stage. Who is The Dead Daisies you ask? Frontman & great vocalist, Jon Stevens who has work with INXS, Richard Fortus who is lead guitar & Dizzy Reed who is on keyboards & are both current members of Guns and Roses, & on bass Marco Mendozz who worked with Thin Lizzy & Ted Nugent. Two more members being Brian Tichy on drums who was the drummer for Whitesnake, & last but not least David Lowry on rhythm guitar who has been in several popular Austrailian rock bands including Red Phoenix & Mink. The Dead Daisies are a 80’s feel rock band that started off the night with a bang and a great response from the crowd. playing a 6 song setlist including some fan favorites like “Lock n Load” & a Beatles cover of “Helter Skelter” to end their set. If you like rock music your gonna like The Dead Daisies, & you should check them out as the band already has some amazing talent within it. Give them a listen or check them out at a tour date of choice with KISS & Def Leppard!

The Dead Daisies Setlist 

  • Mexico 
  • Your Karma
  • Lock n Load
  • Make the Best of it
  • Face I Love
  • Helter Skelter (The Beatles Cover – Encore Song)

Next band to take the stage to give the crowd a “Rock n Roll Fantasy”, The creators of many awesome rock anthems, songs we all know & love and turn up the radio for. Bad Company stormed onto the stage with a “Can’t Get Enough” performance that will be remembered forever. Starting off their amazing 14 song setlist with “Live for the Music” & keeping the crowd going throughout their entire set. Bad Companie’s own Paul Rodgers is a great frontman & is not only does he command the stage with his vocals but he also shares his music with the crowd smiling & being very interactive with them. Joined on stage by the original members, Mick Ralphs on guitar, Simon Kirke on drums, as well as guitarist Howard Leese who performed with Heart from 1975-1997 & bassist Todd Ronning. Performing “Feel Like Makin’ Love” & lots of other great hits like “Seagull”, “Running With the Pack” & “Ready For Love”. Ending their set with their 2 heavy hitters “Cant Get Enough” & “Moving On” before exiting the stage. The crowd then chanting Bad Company’s name and One more song. Bad Company then reappeared on the stage to end the night the right with the 2 of their biggest hits “Bad Company” & “Rock Steady”! Bad Company is one of those bands we like to say if one that you need to go out and see live cause listening to the music just doesn’t do them justice. 

Bad Company Setlist

  • Live for the Music
  • Feel like Makin’ Love
  • Gone, Gone, Gone
  • Burnin’ Sky
  • Run With The Pack
  • Ready For Love
  • Seagull
  • Rock n Roll Fantasy
  • Honey Child
  • Shooting Star
  • Movin On
  • Can’t Get Enough
  • Bad Company
  • Rock Steady (Encore Song)

After a brief intermission to get the stage set up & ready for the next band. Lynyrd Skynyrd then taking the stage & the crowd going insane. The sweet sounds of southern rock then filling The Susquehanna Bank Center as Lynyrd Skynyrd entered into “Workin’ for MCA”. Their 13 song setlist was full of some of the fans favorites “Tuesday’s Gone”, “The Breeze” & “That Smell”. I don’t know what you think about when you hear this bands name Lynyrd Skynyrd but I think Southern Rock and Roll, Great Music, & Patriotic colors. Lynyrd Skynyrd a HUGE supporter of the Military & the veterans in the war then honor the troops with a very patriotic feel with “Simple Man” one of their biggest hits. The crowd roaring the lyrics to this song with a few fans very emotional to it as they may have a family member or friend at war or who died in the line of duty. Always entertaining & energetic, Lynyrd Skynyrd was on fire for this show. Keeping the crowds attention from the moment they hit the stage, Giving many of incredible guitar solos. The background throughout their set changed very frequently which reinforces the sentiment and the history behind their 40 years in the rock and roll music genre! Ending their amazing set with “Free Bird” which is a fan favorite & song that everybody knows, was performed honoring the past members of Lynyrd Skynyrd with a very sentimental background video of doves flying through the clouds and photos of multiple of the past band members who have past away.  

Lynyrd Skynyrd Setlist 

  • Workin’ for MCA

  • I Ain’t the One

  • Call Me The Breeze (J.J. Cale Cover)

  • What’s Your Name

  • Down South Jukin’

  • That Smell

  • Saturday Night Special

  • Simple Man

  • Mississippi Kid

  • Tuesday’s Gone

  • Gimme Three Steps

  • Sweet Home Alabama

  • Free Bird (Encore Song)

The crowd was filled with many of generations of fans & families from young to old. So there is no stopping Bad Company or Lynyrd Skynyrd as they continue to create Rock n Roll history. 40 years and counting…. They will never stop! All of these bands tonight put on an amazing show with an incredible amount of talent tonight. If you have the chance to see these bands live, Get out & see them!!! 

Check out Steve Rodgers : http://www.steverodgersmusic.com  // https://www.facebook.com/Steverodgersmusic

Check out The Dead Daisies : http://bit.ly/TheDeadDaisies // https://www.facebook.com/TheDeadDaisies

Check Out Bad Company : www.badcompany.com  // https://www.facebook.com/officialbadcompany/

Check Out Lynyrd Skynyrd : http://www.lynyrdskynyrd.com // https://www.facebook.com/LynyrdSkynyrd

Photos BY: Andrew Wendowski Photography 

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