A Killer’s Confession Release Music Video for “Last Chance”

A Killer’s Confession (Waylon Reavis, Morgan Bauer, Thomas Church, Brock Starr, and JP Cross) is a rock group from Cleveland, Ohio who are one of the many bands that aren’t letting quarantine stop them from pursuing their passion. But don’t worry, everything is being done safely AND from over 6 ft. apart!

The band released their new single “Last Chance,” via Wake Up Music Rocks, and recorded the music video DIY style, from each of their homes!


“As no one in A Killer’s Confession could come together to shoot this video due to Covid-19, we had everyone send videos from their homes,” says Waylon Reavis, frontman of A Killer’s Confession. “All footage was taken by a cell phone/camera. We would like to show everyone that we can still accomplish things while being safe and respecting social distancing until this crisis has passed.”

With “Last Chance,” the track showcases the band’s lyrical talent and melodic vocal range. With lyrics like, “Show me, I am begging down on my knees” and “Tell me how I can kill off my disease,” the song tells the story of a individual who has burned all bridges in their life. With so many chances lost, they’re on their last chance to make things right. “Last Chance” is a scream for forgiveness of past decisions we have made and how ashamed we can be from things we do,” says Waylon.

Watch the music video for “Last Chance” below:

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