A Day To Remember’s Jeremy McKinnon Says “Brick Wall Wasn’t Meant To Be Something That Was Gonna Be Super Heavy”

A Day To Remember released their latest single “Brick Wall” just a few days ago and now frontman Jeremy McKinnon is talking how the song came about and more.

In a recent interview on BBC Radio 1 With Daniel P Carter, McKinnon said that their new single “Brick Wall,” wasn’t meant to be something heavy and that it was actually the first song that he had written for the new album, You’re Welcome, which is expected to be released in early March 2021.

McKinnon explained that the song was a genuine journey and was the first song written for the album that kept getting put on the back burner but was the last song to be heard.

“I like to think of that song as like a genuine journey, that was actually the first song I had for the album,” McKinnon explained to Carter. “I wrote that really early on, like on an acoustic guitar and every time a session would come up or I’m writing with the guys, I would always be like ‘should we work on that song? Nah I know how that ones gonna be,’ it would always get pushed down the line until we were actually tracking the record for real and that was the first time everybody really heard it where we just kind of laid it out. First song and last one to be heard.”

He continued to say that the song was meant to be a lighthearted song that was never meant to be something heavy, more of a lighthearted track about an extremely pessimistic attitude.

“So ‘Brick Wall’ was meant to be like a lighthearted take on just having an extremely pessimistic attitude in like a way that it effects you, it effects people around you and that was the song.” McKinnon added. “It wasn’t meant to be something that was gonna be super heavy theme wise, it was meant to be more fun and lighthearted.”

The band’s forthcoming new album, You’re Welcome, is set for release on March 5th, 2021 via Fueled By Ramen, you can pre-order the new album now HERE.

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