A Day To Remember is RIGHT BACK AT IT AGAIN with a phenomenal set in Philadelphia!

A Day To Remember, Chasing Safety, & Major League put on an amazing show in Philadelphia!On Monday April 21st 2014, Radio 104.5 brought Chasing Safety, Major League & A Day To Remember to the Trocadero Theater in Philadelphia, PA to put on an awesome performance for the SOLD OUT crowd. Doors weren’t until 7 pm but I arrived super early to be guaranteed a front & center stage spot to watch the show, Which i did obtain. When arriving @ 1:30 pm that day there was about 25 people awaiting anxiously to get into The Trocadero Theater for the Highly anticipated Headliner A Day To Remember. The First band to go on with a very bright & energy filled performance was Chasing Safety.  As Chasing Safety boarded the stage the lights dimmed an the crowd started cheering, ready to start the night! They started off there set with the song “The Walking Dead“. Front Man Johnny Galivan was very energetic during the entire set. He was doing somersaults, jumping into the crowd, swinging the mic all over the place & just going completely nuts! I would suggest if you want to hear some good music an have a laugh you should see theses guys live. The band had a set list of 6 songs total. They ended there set with the song “We Believe” getting everyone pumped for the next set! 

The next band of the night was Major League they started there set off with the song ”Subject to Change“. They had a set list of a total of 7 songs! I have never seen Major League live before but i can honestly say I would pay to see them again! They put on a great set, it seemed like they played really fast though. Half way through there set Lead Singer Brian Joyce stopped to talk to the crowd. He was saying how they open for “The Ghost Inside” not to long ago an that people were saying how there music didn’t really fit in. He continued to say he likes it better when different genres of music come together. He said how stupid it is to say a band shouldnt play with a band not in the same genre. I can agree with his statement 100%, I feel like a lot of people could.. The last song they played was called “Home Wrecker” it was actually my favorite song to hear them perform live. The last lines of the song goes ” So I thought I’d let you know that my father’s twice the man that you could ever be, And when your son grows up, I hope he sees the coward and the crook, The house you shook, And the world you took away from me.” Lead singer Brian sung them last lyrics with such passion as he throw the mic stand down an walked off the stage. You could feel from his voice an the way he walked away like you were there living the pain behind theses lyrics. 

Next Up was the most anticipated band of the Night, A Day To Remember! As everyone started chanting A.D.T.R at the top of there lungs the lights dimmed an everyone started screaming! A Day To Remember entered the stage with there hit song “All I want”. Everyone started jumping up & down an singing the lyrics as loud as they could. At the break down of the song “All I want” confetti filled the air & at that moment you could tell that it was going to be a start of a great performance! ADTR had a set list of 17 songs total. They preformed 6 songs off there newest album Common Courtesy. One of them songs being “End of me” which they have only played a couple times live before so it was awesome knowing us at that show were some of the first people to hear it live. Right before the song “Why walk on water when we have boats” started playing Jeremy demanded a circle pit, saying “Open this place the fuck up! You don’t have to participate but kindly get the fuck outta the way” as soon as the song started everyone was getting pushed to the side as a HUGE circle pit formed! A couple more songs in they stopped playing so Jeremy could talk to us, saying how the Trocadero held a lot of memory’s for ADTR an that they loved it here in Philadelphia. During there set there Photographer (Adam Elmakias) came out on the stage an started throwing T-shirts & beach balls! After A Day To Remember played “The Plot To Bomb The Panhandle” they exited the stage, But the fans demanded more! Everyone started stomping there feet an chanting A.D.T.R again. Jeremy re entered the stage saying that there not going to give us 1 but 3 more songs! They proceeded to play “Violence (Enough is Enough)“, “All Signs Point To Lauderdale” and finishing the show off with more confetti, some toilet paper being thrown & another hit song “The Downfall Of Us All“! A Day To Remember never fails to put on an amazing set & you NEED to get out to one of their shows to see how awesome they truly are! 

A Day To Remember Setlist

1. All I Want

2. I’m Made of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Of?

3. Why Walk on Water When We’ve Got Boats

4. 2nd Sucks

5. Right Back at It Again

6.. City of Ocala

7. Have Faith in Me

8. If It Means a Lot to You

9. Homesick

10. Mr. Highway’s Thinking About the End

11. Life Lessons Learned the Hard Way

12. Sometimes You’re the Hammer, Sometimes You’re the Nail

13. End of Me

14. The Plot to Bomb the Panhandle Encore:

15. Violence (Enough Is Enough)

16. All Signs Point to Lauderdale

17. The Downfall of Us All

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