5 Seconds Of Summer Defies Categories And Prove Their Headliners

CAMDEN, NJ — The Rock Out With Your Socks Out Tour hit The Susquehanna Bank Center with a SOLD OUT show filling it to the capacity even the lawn area, leaving not one space for another person. Openers, Hey Violet…


Andrew Wendowski


Posted on September 8, 2015

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5 Seconds Of Summer - Camden NJ - Susquehanna Bank Center

CAMDEN, NJ — The Rock Out With Your Socks Out Tour hit The Susquehanna Bank Center with a SOLD OUT show filling it to the capacity even the lawn area, leaving not one space for another person. Openers, Hey Violet whom are recent signees to 5 Seconds of Summer’s own record label Hi or Hey Records. The American pop rockers (formerly known as Cherri Bomb) warmed the crowd up with tracks such as ‘You Don’t Love Me Like You Should’, ‘I’m There’ and a pop-punk cover of Taylor Swift’s ‘Blank Space’ which blew the minds of many attendees at the amazing punk cover they did of the song. Rena killed it on bass while delivering powerful vocals that were fueled with energy. Miranda does an incredible job on rhythm guitar, backing vocals and keyboards. Casey is a madman on the guitar as he rocks all over the stage. Nia is one of the most ferocious drummers and she completely rocks nonstop during the set, along with blasted the crowd with big smiles. Together these four have created a larger than life sound that will capture the hearts of many. 

Hey Violet

5 Seconds Of Summer then beginning their set right on time, at 8:30 p.m. sharp. A news ticker flashed behind the stage while black and white images of the boys were projected on screens above, security-camera style. Ashton and his drum kit emerged first on an illuminated rising platform, followed by Michael, Luke, & Calum, who took turns on the mic for their first tune, “End Up Here” in which the crowd erupted into screams. When the Australian boys in 5 Seconds Of Summer hit the stage, the crowd was ecstatic, playing over screams so loud that it was sometimes hard to hear.  They came out and played “End Up Here” as mentioned and then went straight into “Out of My Limit,” both off their self-titled debut album. Luke Hemmings (lead vocals and guitar), Michael Clifford (lead guitar and vocals), Calum Hood (bass and vocals), and Ashton Irwin (drums and vocals) came out looking fresh only to later be melted away by the heat from the explosive crowd.

5 Seconds Of Summer

 5SOS’ songs speak to everyone as they sing about being outcasts at school or in the world, and how you need to embrace who you are and live your life. The band’s stage presence has grown tremendously, as they worked the stage like pros, running to different parts of the stage to give fans a different view, bantering with one another while chatting between songs and horsing around with one another on stage while they played. 5SOS charged through their set with spirited energy, accented by a six-screen video presentation and risers that took the amplifiers as well as drummer Ashton Irwin up and down throughout the night. 5SOS is a band that defies genres, they fit in a lot of different categories including rock, pop-punk & pop they are for sure “The New Kings of the broken music scene” as they mention in their newest hit song “She’s Kinda Hot”. This was definitely a ROCK show. The passion that the band delivers through their music is immediately reciprocated by the adoring and screaming fans. The audience would sing every word of the songs as their excitement and enthusiasm couldn’t be contained. The band also played a cover of Green Day’s “American Idiot,” which excited fans a lot. Their cover of “American Idiot” was one of best covers I have ever seen from any band and all of the crowd seemed to agree at the explosive screams from them. 

Luke Hemmings of 5 Seconds Of Summer

 This is 5SOS’s first time holding the headlining spot on this massive Rock Out With Your Socks Out 2015 tour. 5SOS definitely prove they are Headline material and i am positive the next you’ll see them they will be playing arenas or stadiums! If you haven’t seen them yet live you definitely need to experience this show. If you want to leave the show being able to hear I would bring a pair of earplugs so you can reduce the intense amount of screams you will hear from the bands fanbase and the blistering riffs of each members unique guitars or bass. 5 Seconds Of Summer for sure has a long time bright future ahead of them and this is only the beginning! 

5 Seconds Of Summer


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