5 Seconds Of Summer bring Sounds Live Feels Live Tour to BB&T Pavilion

5 Seconds Of Summer - Sounds Live Feels Live 2016Coinciding with their latest release of their second studio album, Sounds Good Feels Good (via Capitol Records), 5 Seconds of Summer took over the BB&T Pavilion in Camden, NJ on July 16th, 2016 on their Sounds Live Feels Live Tour with 5SOS Record Label signees Hey Violet!, and Japan’s on the rise rock band, ONE OK ROCK. This Aussie based band consisting of Luke Hemmings (lead vocals and guitar), Michael Clifford (lead guitar and vocals), Calum Hood (bass and vocals), and Ashton Irwin (drums and vocals) have been conquering the music industry since late 2012 and have become one of the most respected pop-punk boy bands out there these last few years. With an incredibly high intense energy and extraordinary raw talent, 5 Seconds of Summer are an extremely talented band, that put on one astounding and very entertaining show. Celebrating Luke Hemmings’ birthday on this night the fans brought along posters expressing their birthday wishes, and what a better way to celebrate your 20th birthday then at your own show playing to a sea of people. Before 5 Seconds Of Summer even entered the stage the crowd very anticipated to see these guys began screaming and chanting for 5SOS. Then as the lights dimmed and the silhouettes of 5 Seconds Of Summer appeared on stage as they began to play the opening chords of “Carry On” the deafening screams of the sea of thousands of fans began which lasted throughout their entire set showing their appreciation and love for the band screaming lyrics back at them all night long.  Their 20-song approximately 90-minute set consisted of songs from both their 2014 debut album, Self-titled as well as their most recent release of Sounds Good Feels Good. Having been lucky enough to catch 5 Seconds of Summer live a few times before and watch them grow rapidly, play more iconic venues each time, seeing them headline their 2nd arena tour was pretty incredible. The band’s stage presence has grown tremendously, as they worked the stage like pros, running to different parts of the stage to give fans a different view, bantering with one another while chatting between songs and horsing around with one another on stage while they played. 5SOS charged through their set with a very high energy level that made you just want to keep moving and singing along throughout their entire set. The passion that the band delivers through their music is immediately reciprocated by their adoring and screaming fans. The audience would sing every word of the songs as their excitement and enthusiasm just could not be contained. Ending the show with perhaps their most famous tracks, “She’s Kinda Hot” and “She Looks So Perfect” was the perfect way to end their extraordinary show. Not one person was sitting down and every person there was singing along. The energy continued and fans belted out the lyrics for one last time tonight. 5SOS then thanking the fans once again before throwing their guitar picks and drumsticks into the crowd and exiting the stage. Having achieved an incredibly unbelievable amount of success over the past few years, Sounds Live Feels Live proves why they are so successful and it is very clear that they’ve worked very hard to be where they are now and that they’re not taking any of it for granted showing their fans their dedication and gratitude to their music. With dedicated fans and a raw talent that cannot be overlooked, 5 Seconds of Summer were a pleasure to see as they always are. If you have a chance to see them on this tour or any of their upcoming tours definitely do it as they put on a show you will not soon forget. Tour dates: www.5sos.com/liveCheck out our gallery of 5 Seconds Of Summer Photos by our photographerAndrew Wendowski.

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