Photo by Spencer Imbrock on Unsplash
Photo by Spencer Imbrock on Unsplash

5 Impressive Ways Music Helps Reduce Stress

Music has been found to possess therapeutic properties and connect with our emotions. Thus it can be quite effective in managing stress.

Music can greatly influence our emotions, ranging from hyper rock and roll to the calm jazz. It can get you up on your feet when you feel down and sad. Alternatively, it can calm you down at times when you are not composure. Slow music genres like classical music can have extremely soothing effects on our bodies and minds.

There have been interesting results on studies about the effects of music on gambling. This article will keep you informed on how to reduce stress and focus better while gambling, irrespective of your game choice, poker roulette, blackjack or slots.

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Five ways music helps to reduce stress.

1. Reducing levels of stress hormones

Music has been found to not only make you feel good but also act as an effective tool in stress management. Music increases the production rate of dopamine (the feel-good hormone) and inadvertently reduces the levels of stress hormones. Some hospitals record drastic improvements in the condition of critically ill patients when they play Mozart’s piano sonatas.

2. Music aids memory

As stated earlier, that music induces the release of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine enhances motivation, which in turn plays a crucial role in learning and memory retention.

3. Improves immune functioning

Music could be an alternative medicine to disease prevention by aiding the body’s immune response system. Research carried out by Wilkes University showed that students exposed to soothing music experienced a significant increase in their IgA levels. (Iga is an antibody that helps to strengthen the body’s defenses)

4. Improves physiological function

It improves physiological functions like reducing heart rate and blood pressure. It can also help manage stress by reducing the levels of stress hormones. Music containing 60 beats per minute can produce alpha brainwaves by synchronizing the brain with the beats, causing us to be calm and relaxed. Alpha brain wave frequencies range from 8 to 14 hertz per second.

5. Music Aids concentration

Music helps you focus by preventing your mind from wandering, which could prove very useful in gameplay and gambling.

The calm and cool music helps you focus on the game, keeping your mind relaxed so you can play longer while the increased tempo enhances your exhilaration and excitement.

Studies have shown that variance in music tempo has a significant effect on the speed of betting.
The results of studies inquiring into the effects of varying tempos of music, no music, slow music and fast music on 60 participants playing a game of roulette, the research was carried out in 2007 and published by Dixon, Trigg and Griffiths.

The study showed that the tempo of music affected the speed of betting. High tempo music increases the speed of betting and vice versa, but there was no link between the music’s tempo and the total amount of money bet. Hence both slow and fast music could be detrimental to gambling behavior.

Further research conducted by the Norwegian research council shows the effect of music on gambling predisposition. The research was conducted on 101 participants as they played super-jack.

Half of the participants were made to listen to fast-paced pop, while the other half listened to slow-paced jazz. The research revealed that the participants who listened to pop placed their bets faster while those listening to jazz placed their bets at a slower pace; hence, they gambled for a longer period.


Listening to music has tremendous effects on your gamble outcome, especially when you have been stressed. Improving your level of concentration using self-selected music could help a great deal.

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