3 Doors Down: Songs From The Basement (Atlantic City – Borgata Music Box)

Songs From the Basement with 3DDThe Mississippi Rockers, Brought their 3 Doors Down Acoustic: Songs From The Basement Tour to The Borgata Music Box in Atlantic City on Friday, February 7th 2014. The show started off very dark with only the stage backdrop brightly lit before the bands entrance. You then begin to see the silhouettes of Chet Roberts (Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals), Greg Upchurch (Drums), Justin Biltonen (Bass), Chris Henderson (Guitar) & Finally front-man Brad Arnold who lit up the stage with the pull of the light string hanging center stage, The crowd then roaring with excitement. The stage set to look as though you are watching the show from “The Basement” with 4 Love Seats set up with the friends (fans) of 3 Doors Down, a basement type light hanging from above, 3 Doors Down “Tagged” trunks serving as coffee tables, it definitely had the vibe of a real basement, just needed to mentally block out the SOLD OUT crowd (900 people) seated around me & the scene was set. The set list consisted of a few fan favorites along with never before played cover songs (including Garth Brooks – The Dance & Metallica – Nothing Else Matters) & some of the bands favorites songs to perform live. In between each song , Brad spoke to the audience or as he said his “Friends & Tour Family” describing the meaning behind some of their songs, along with some of his on the road touring experiences & cracking some jokes on Chet who also joked around throughout the show with vocalist Brad. This tour is definitely a tour where you need to attend at least one of the shows. Its a very intimate personal set, where you can get to know the band a bit. The audience quiet watching the bands set in amazement, which makes all of their songs & in between talks so clear to hear. So much different from 3 Doors Down’s regular rocking concerts but definitely a show you will want to see! 3 Doors Down always end their shows with “Here Without You” along with a very heartfelt dedication to the US Troops ending with a standing ovation & cheers of gratitude filling the venue. Whether you are sitting on the couches upon the stage or a seat in the venue, it really doesn’t matter. If you’re there you’re in the basement & its an awesome place to hang out! 

Photos & Review By: Andrew Wendowski of Music Mayhem

Full Gallery Of Photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/awendowskiphoto/sets/72157640752084773/

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