Alyssa Witrado, Gwen Stefani; Photo Courtesy of The Voice/NBC
Alyssa Witrado, Gwen Stefani; Photo Courtesy of The Voice/NBC

19-Year-Old Alyssa Witrado Earns Spot On Team Gwen Stefani With Impressive No Doubt Cover On ‘The Voice’ [WATCH]

19-year-old Alyssa Witrado does the unspoken and sings a Gwen Stefani hit for her blind audition on NBC’s The Voice, surprising the audience with a chair turn from Stefani herself.

Not even a few words into the performance, Cabello turns her chair as Stefani shouts “OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU,” following Cabello for Witrado’s second chair turn.

John Legend chimed in at the end of her audition.

“Well first of all it’s always a challenge to cover a song that was made very famous and written by one of the coaches. It’s amazing that you did it. Congratulations, you’re on the voice,” then he jokes, “Camila you’ve got no shot.”

Witrado shouts, “I love you Gwen,” as Shelton jokes, “I do the same thing every morning when she comes down the stairs!”

He congratulates Witrado and shares that it was a bold move, then reiterates that Cabello is wasting her time.

The “Havana” singer starts her pitch, “I love the song choice. I love that you sang it like you, you have your vibrato, you’re a performer,” she continues, “I feel like we have a lot of the same music taste, and we both love Gwen Stefani!”

“As much as this is a lost cause, I hope that you do pick me because I did turn around first. I’m excited for your journey, whoever you pick, but I hope it’s me.”

Stefani jumps in next, “Wow, Alyssa, that was so surreal for me. It’s really a weird song – it’s hard to cover it.”

Cabello interjected claiming that Stefani’s tone is so “specific and special,” that if it were to be copied it would be nearly impossible, applauding Witrado for pulling it off in her own way.

Stefani finishes her statement explaining the potential she sees in Witrado.

“What I like about you is your energy, you’re wild, I can see something bursting in you that wants to come out. How do we get it and discover it? And that’s what I would love to do.”

Earlier this month, Stefani revealed that it’s both “flattering” and “exciting” when contestants cover her songs on her appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers.

“I get really excited, but John Legend is known to not press his button if someone does one of his songs. And we’re just kind of like, ‘John, you have to press your button. They’re doing your song!’” Stefani told Meyers. “I guess he gets very scientific about it, and he just gets overwhelmed.”

“But people have done mine. I can’t say when ’cause this hasn’t come out yet, but I know one season somebody did ‘Cool,’ and I wasn’t on that season, and Blake [Shelton] was like, ‘Oh my God, they did your song!’ It was a totally weird version of it, and it’s awesome. They’re always doing covers on [The Voice].”

“I love to hear them do it, it’s just that sometimes I feel like because they’re so personal, the lyrics, and then if they’re doing all these fancy vocals on it, I’ll be like, ‘Oh… that’s so weird,’” she explained.

NBC’s The Voice Season 22 premiered on Monday, September 19.

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