Everyone always associates Friday the 13th with being a unlucky day where it seems that everything that can go wrong will go wrong, however we feel just the opposite! We were incredibly lucky to catch Taylor Swift’s ‘reputation Stadium Tour’ as it made it’s way into Lincoln Financial Field in Swift’s homestate of Pennsylvania on none other than Friday the 13th of July! As Swift said herself on-stage “13 is the sickest number,” we couldn’t agree more! This also happened to be Swift’s hometown show, as she grew up in the Reading, PA area, so of course Philadelphia as she stated, “it has a special place” in her heart and she is “proud” to be from the area.

It is also no secret that 13 is Taylor Swift’s lucky number as it has shown up all over Swift’s universe. She was born on December 13, 1989, she happened to turn 13 on a Friday the 13th, her first album went gold in 13 weeks, her #1 hit with “Our Song” features a 13-second intro, every time she’s won an award she’s been seated in either the 13th seat, the 13th row, the 13th section or row M, which is the 13th letter, and she also has incorporated the special number many times in her new album, reputation, as she repeats the word “reputation” 13 times at the end of the track “End Game!”

That being said, we only felt it appropriate to compile a list of the top 13 reasons why you should get yourselves out there to catch Taylor Swift on this mind-blowing ‘reputation Stadium Tour’!

1. The production value is off the charts! It is a true sensory spectacle with it’s towering video screens, two auxiliary stages, video screens built into the stage flooring,  plenty of pyrotechnics, and of course the massive mechanical python that rises up during Swift’s performance of “Look What You Made Me Do”. The concert is like seeing a futuristic stage play come to life before your very eyes.

2. During the ‘reputation Stadium Tour’ it is as if we have witnessed Swift continue to grow and mature right before our eyes. The ‘reputation Stadium Tour’ and it’s corresponding album are largely influenced by Swift’s rocky relationships throughout her career with everyone from the media to her celebrity rivals. She has managed to rise above all of it and snap back in the most creative ways possible and each time we see Swift perform live, the shows only get better and better over time. She looks and sounds absolutely incredible! She continues to prove that she is a true force to be reckoned with in the musical realm.

3. On this tour we get to witness a darker side to Taylor Swift and guess what? We love it! She is able to perfectly embrace all the various aspects of her personality (and career) and we see them all, the light and the dark side, blend together perfectly during the live show. She is definitely a true Renaissance woman, as she can do it all and execute it flawlessly!

4. We have to mention the incredible costuming and wardrobe selections used on this tour. The outfits are dark and very futuristic in appearance. Our favorite moment was when Swift dons a gorgeous boxing robe when the giant Cobra snake pops out front and center from the stage. It is all eyes on her, but even the back-up dancers looked utterly fantastic.

5. Taylor Swift continues to prove that she is a vocal powerhouse. Her vocals throughout the entire performance were spot-on and she manages to hit some incredible notes especially during “I Did Something Bad,” “Delicate” and “King Of My Heart.”

6. While some people would complain that the set list for the ‘reputation Stadium Tour’ relied too heavily on tracks from the new album, we thought this was an definitely accomplishment. It is always risky for an artist to play too many tracks off their latest album release, as many fans want to hear the “hits,” however this was not the case with this show. Swift is a bonified hit maker and despite the fact that she has a massive catalog of music, she perfectly selected the evenings set list to include snippets of many old favorites, while also showcasing the stellar tracks off the ‘Reputation’ album of which majority of them are hits in their own right. Of course, there were some surprises thrown in as well!

7. Swift’s banter and interaction with her fans is amazing. She takes the time out on stage to engage and interact with the audience and that is something that truly makes for a memorable evening. You can tell that she is deeply humbled by the love and devotion from her fan base and makes sure to give back that very same amount of love and devotion during her performance.

8. Swift is a game changing performer! She knows how to truly put on a show that gives fans the most bang for their buck! It would be incredibly hard for any other performer to replicate the time, dedication, showmanship and production put into this tour. Witnessing Swift being airlifted back and forth from the main stage to the two auxiliary stage in the back of the venue was fierce and seeing her get up close and personal with her fans was a truly memorable experience!

9. You can lose yourself completely in the show. Even upon just entering the venue you feel immediately as if you have been transported to another dimension, a place where you can place your worries and cares to the side, even just for a few hours. Music can be an incredibly therapeutic escape and Swift’s lyrics, showmanship and engaging performance can help you let it all go, relax and have a great time rocking out at at phenomenal concert.

10. The “reputation Stadium Tour” featured some major girl power! Tour openers Charli XCX and Camila Cabello got things off to an energetic start and had the crowd up and moving with their hit songs such as “Boom Clap” and “Fancy” from Charli XCX and “Never Be The Same” and “Havana”.

11. Swift gives us a glimpse into her heart and soul when discussing growing up as a young songwriter and just how appreciative she is that her fans have taken the time to share their evening with her and her massive catalog of songs. Her music has a way of speaking directly to the listener and Swift is an absolutely amazing story-teller.

12. Looking around and seeing the incredibly amount of diversity and creativity in the crowd. While, we can’t speak for the other cities that the “reputation Stadium Tour” will be hitting, what we saw in Philadelphia blew our minds. Many fans came dressed to the nines in elaborate costumes crafted around Swift’s lyrics and it was awesome to see Swifts’ generational appeal as their were fans as young as five or six alongside the older fans as well. Swift’s music breaks the generation gap and during the show she provides a performance that will appeal to each and every person in attendance.

13. Most importantly, the show was a great amount of fun! Swift loves to add in some of the party aesthetic to her live shows to get the crowd up on their feet and moving around. This was especially apparent during songs such as “Shake It Off” where she brought back out openers Charli XCX and Camila Cabello to join dance party and during the final moments of the show with the closers “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” and “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” with the on-stage water fountain and confetti canons flying high.

Check out our 13 favorite photos from Taylor Swift’s “Reputation Stadium Tour” in the gallery below:

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